Decent companies make sure they abide by the law and do no harm to the communities they serve. Responsible companies go further than that.

Our Views

It’s equally important to share our views on the myriad of issues facing the world today. Sustainability involves a broad spectrum of issues, beyond purely climate issues. These include human rights and other social issues.

  • We support the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact
  • We believe in equality, regardless of gender, religion, skin color, or age.
  • We believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
  • We are anti-weapons and strongly prefer a gun-free, torture-free world.
  • We support the prevention of animal cruelty.

We aren’t 100% perfect – no organization is. However we are striving day by day to learn more about the issues around us and how we can work in a more sustainable, less-resource intensive way

Equality in Sports

DogLegMedia focuses on golf, a sport where there is a huge gap in media coverage and prize funds between the mens and womens games. We believe that prize funds supporting golf should be balanced, similar to the revolution that happened in tennis in the 1980’s. Many of the sponsors are the same across mens and womens events in their geographies. These sponsors often mention gender in their corporate social responsibility statements, though many are not living up to these statements in practice.

A Few Facts

  • The winner of the 2015 mens Dutch Open (European Tour) won the equivalent of the entire field of the the 2016 womens Dutch Open (Ladies European Tour). Main sponsors of both were Deloitte, KLM, and ABN AMRO. They can and should do better, in line with their own stated equality policies. DogLegMedia¬†calls on each of them to extend their support of the womens game.
  • A 2013 study on the earnings of mens and womens French pro golfers revealed that the top ranked women earned the eqivalent of the 30th ranked man. Hardly equal or even close to equal.

It is great that there are sponsors that support womens golf, but it should be recognized that increased support is needed to ensure the long term success of the sport and its current and future professionals. Gender equality is not the only gap in golf, but it would be a great first step forward toward overall equality in the sport.

Being Green

Like many small initiatives, DogLegMedia could skip the sustainability thing entirely, but we don’t. Given that we spend so much time in green places, it makes sense to think about these things. Unfortunately lots of pesticides, fertilizers and other bad stuff is inherent in the golf business. We’d like to see this change and are willing to work with all similarly-minded people to make this happen.

  • We moved our website to a green webhost provider which sources energy for its datacenter entirely from renewable sources. Want to Use it for your own website ? Try it here.
  • We minimize our carbon footprint by staying digital unless explicitly required – no chemicals or other bad stuff gets in the way of our photography.
  • Furthermore, we virtually always photograph golf tournaments on our own feet, rarely use golf carts, segways or other on-course transport.

As a followup on the Paris COP21 conference in 2015, we would love to see greater transparency in product labeling. It’s time to move beyond online calculation estimators and get down to brass tacks, the real numbers not modelled ones. This would allow us to measure our personal co2 and water footprint, and publish the overall footprint for DogLegMedia here.

CSR and Sustainable Initiatives We Admire

CSRWeek Online news and information on numerous corporate social responsibility and sustainability work of leading corporates.

Farm Zero This agricultural initiative shows its possible to fully remove the bad stuff from our food. They go beyond bio or organic by totalling removing pesticides from the equation and having a restorative impact on the land around them. What more could you want from your food ?

Dimes Consultancy is a for-profit advisory group which aims to assist governments, corporations and other organizations to improve financial and social inclusion of young people. Youth aged 18 and younger currently comprise about 1/3 of the world’s population. We believe it’s critical that organizations like Dimes are there to help guide organizations to raise their impact.

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